Gold Cyanidation Plant

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Gold All Slime Cyanidation Plant in Laos

【Introduction】The gold all-sliming cyanidation project in Laos saved 4.15 million Yuan using CNFREE gold leaching reagent and reaches better separation result than using cyanide sodium.

【Process】all-sliming cyanide leaching process, a four-stage leaching and a five-stage absorption process

【Gold Recovery Rate】96.4%

Gold All-sliming Cyanidation Plant in Philippine

【Introduction】The gold all-sliming cyanidation project in Philippine uses CNFREE gold leaching reagent and reaches better leaching rate than using cyanide sodium.

【Process】All-sliming Cyanidation

【Gold Recovery Rate】96.78%

Gold Heap Leaching Plant in Mongolia

【Introduction】The project leader of 300 tpd gold heap leaching plantin Mongolia tried CNFREE gold leaching reagent and got great result, thus reached a long-term cooperative relationship with us.

【Process】Heap Leaching

【Gold Recovery Rate】76%

Gold Heap Leaching Plant in Suriname

【Introduction】The gold ore in the heap leaching project in Suriname is hard to separate, but using CNFREE gold leaching reagent, it reaches a relatively ideal result.

【Process】Heap Leaching

【Gold Recovery Rate】60%

Gold Tailings CIP Plant in Laos

【Introduction】With CNFREE gold leaching reagent, the gold tailings CIP plant in Asupo Bolikansais,Laos gets ideal separating index without causing pollution.

【Process】Gold Tailings CIP Plant

【Gold Recovery Rate】81%

Gold All-sliming Cyanidation CIP Plant in Ghana

【Introduction】The 300 tpd gold all-sliming cyanidation CIP plant in Ghana uses CNFREE gold leaching reagent for gold leaching and reaches ideal separating index.

【Process】All-sliming Cyanidation CIP

【Gold Recovery Rate】84.24%

Gold Vat Leaching Plant in Indonesia

【Introduction】The 700tpd gold vat leaching plant used CNFREE gold leaching reagent to obtain good economic indicators. CNFREE Company has also been highly affirmed and praised by the owner.

【Process】Gold Vat Leaching

【Gold Recovery Rate】85%

Flotation Plant

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Copper Flotation Plant in Pakistan

【Introduction】The 1500tpd copper flotation plant in Pakistan uses CNFREE flotation reagents for high recovery rate, high grade concentrate, and no pollution.

【Process】Flotation process of one-stage roughing, two-stage scavenging and two-stage concentration

【Gold Recovery Rate】90.05%

Molybdenum-Tungsten Flotation Plant in China

【Introduction】After using CNFREE flotation reagent, the 1300tpd Molybdenum-Tungsten flotation plant improves the recovery rate and grade of tungsten and molybdenum.

【Process】Prioritized flotation and separating tungsten from flotation tailings

【Gold Recovery Rate】Molybdenum 85%, Tungsten 65%

Copper-Lead-Zinc Flotation Plant in Armenia

【Introduction】The 1500t/d copper-lead-zinc flotation plant in Armenia obtained good economic benefits by using CNFREE flotation reagents

【Process】One-stage roughing, three-stage scavenging and three-stage concentration

【Gold Recovery Rate】90.49%



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