Gold Stripping Chemicals Used for Gold Cyanidation You Need to Know!

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Because the gold cyanidation method has the advantages of low cost and high leaching rate, more than 90% of gold mines in the world are currently using the cyanidation method to extract gold. This article will tell you the types of commonly used gold stripping chemicals, where to buy them, and the gold stripping powder price.

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1. What’s the Cyanide Gold Stripping Solution?

Cyanide gold stripping solution is one of the main methods of gold extraction. In general, cyanide gold stripping solution can be divided into stirring cyanide gold stripping and percolation cyanide gold stripping.

(1) Stirring Cyanide Gold Stripping

Stirring cyanide gold stripping method mainly includes two types of gold extraction processes. One is the cyanide-zinc replacement process (CCD and CCF) that uses zinc powder (silk) to replace precipitation to recover gold after continuous countercurrent washing. The other is a non-filtering cyanide carbon slurry process (CIP and CIL) that uses activated carbon to directly absorb and recover gold from cyanide pulp without filtering and washing.

(2) Percolation Cyanide Gold Stripping

The percolation cyanide gold stripping method is also one of the cyanide leaching processes. It is based on the penetration of cyanide solution through the ore layer to make gold leaching from gold-bearing ore, suitable for placer and porous materials.

Percolation cyanide gold stripping method includes the pool leaching process and heap leaching process. Percolate the cyanide leachate, and then process it with ion exchange resin, activated carbon adsorption, or zinc powder (silk) replacement.

2. What are the Commonly Used Gold Stripping Chemicals?

Gold stripping chemicals refer to the agent used to separate gold in the above several gold cyanidation methods. At present, the commonly used gold stripping chemicals in the industry are cyanide gold stripping chemicals and non-cyanide gold stripping chemicals.

(1) Cyanide Gold Stripping Chemicals

Cyanide is an essential agent for the gold cyanidation process. Commonly used cyanide gold stripping chemicals are NaCN, KCN, NH4CN, CaCN2, and cyanide melt.

When choosing cyanide, you should consider factors such as the relative solubility and stability of the selected cyanide to gold, the influence of impurities on the process, the price, and the reliability of supply. The relative consumption of cyanide to obtain the same solubility: KCN>NaCN>Ca(CN)2> NH4CN. Cyanide can be decomposed into HCN in the air containing carbon dioxide, its stability: KCN>NaCN>NH4CN>Ca(CN)2. The most commonly used cyanide in industrial production is sodium cyanide. In theory, only 0.49 grams of NaCN is needed to dissolve 1 gram of gold. But in actual production, the actual consumption is more than 200 times the theoretical consumption due to mechanical and chemical losses.

(2) Cyanide-free Gold Stripping Chemicals

Because the cyanide gold stripping chemicals is toxic, the cyanide tailings discharged from the gold cyanidation plant will seriously pollute the environment. In addition, many countries(such us the united states, Australia, Germany) have issued relevant policies and regulations to restrict the use of sodium cyanide, so many gold mine owners have begun to look for non-cyanide environmentally friendly gold stripping chemicals that can replace cyanide.

CNFREE environmentally friendly non-cyanide gold stripping chemical is currently a popular agent. It is a kind of compound, mainly composed of Na2O, N, NH4, CaO, and Fe2O3. Good experimental results have been achieved in gold cyanidation plants in Laos, the Philippines, Mongolia, Ghana, Indonesia, and other countries. Its characteristics are as follows:

  1. It can achieve environmentally friendly gold extraction without changing the cyanidation process and cyanidation equipment.
  2. It is low toxic and has little environmental pollution.
  3. It is easy to store and transport and supports sea, land, and air transportation.

3. Where to Buy Gold Stripping Chemicals?

At present, there are many suppliers of sodium cyanide in the world. But because sodium cyanide is a highly toxic substance, its import and export procedures are more complicated, many logistics companies refused to transport sodium cyanide. For some small gold processing plants without established companies, it is not possible to apply for customs clearance in the name of individuals. If you want to buy sodium cyanide, it is recommended to choose a sodium cyanide manufacturer closer to your mine.

If you are limited in the purchase of sodium cyanide, or your local policy does not allow the use of sodium cyanide, you can contact the non-cyanide gold stripping chemical manufacturer. In recent years, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements in China, the research on non-cyanide gold stripping chemicals is gradually improved. At present, there are a lot of Chinese patented products, such as JINCHAN, CNFREE, which are not only well-received in China, but also have been sold all over the world and set up offices in many countries. These large companies have complete export procedures and various quality inspection certificates, and the logistics process is completely unrestricted.

For example, CNFREE company has set up an agent in the Philippines, and the products have been welcomed by local gold mine owners as soon as they entered the Philippine market. Due to the good results of the experiment, customers consulted for repurchase many times.

non-cyanide gold stripping chemicals

4. What’s the Gold Stripping Powder Price?

The prices of different types of gold stripping chemicals are different. In addition, the manufacturer of gold stripping chemicals will comprehensively consider the minimum order quantity, freight, insurance premium, quotation method, and other factors to determine the final product quotation.

The general price of sodium cyanide is 1500-2000 dollars. And the price of non-cyanide gold stripping chemicals will be slightly higher. However, if sodium cyanide is used, the process of cyanide tailings will cause higher production costs. Therefore, considering the overall cost of the beneficiation plant, it is more economical to purchase the non-cyanide gold stripping chemicals.

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