Gold CIP Extraction Process

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gold cip plant

Gold CIP extraction process is one kind of cyanidation method. In the early people to engage in the gold extraction process, it had discovered gold extraction equipment through technology, plus a gold mine can be activated carbon adsorption characteristics of the precious metal from the solution, beginning the only adsorption of gold from the supernatant, the loaded carbon to recover gold smelting. Because cyanide pulp is subject to solid-liquid separation to obtain the serum and activated carbon can not be returned to use, it can not compete zinc substitution method is widely used in the industry with this method. Later, activated carbon adsorption of gold from cyanide pulp, thus eliminating the need for solid-liquid separation operations; gold-activated carbon mixture with sodium hydroxide and sodium cyanide desorption of gold and silver, charcoal through the activation process may return to use. So this year CIP gold extraction process becomes the new gold extraction process.

Mineral processing equipment requirements for CIP gold extraction process are relatively high, and each section has a performance of equipment and the role of its characteristics, which process includes preparation of raw materials and other major jobs that consist of activated carbon regeneration, the process shown in FIG.

CIP gold processing equipment gold extraction process schematic

The CIP gold extraction process is roughly as follows:

(1) Preparation of raw material ground to the ancient gold cyanide suitable size, generally require less than 28 mesh, and remove sawdust and other impurities by dewatering the slurry so that the leaching concentration of 45% -50% is appropriate.

(2) For conventional cyanidation leach same, usually 5-8 stirred tank in CIP gold extraction process.
(3) Carbon adsorption cyanide leach slurry stirred adsorber (charcoal slurry tank), gold in the grout tank containing format screens and pulp lifters, and use it to achieve reverse flow of activated carbon and pulp, pulp adsorption of gold has been dissolved , bridge screening can reduce the wear and tear of activated carbon. Before the bridge is easily activated carbon mesh sieve clogged, use compressed air to clean the house.
(4) The loaded carbon desorption four methods currently available

  • thermal desorption caustic sodium cyanide solution;
  • low concentration of caustic sodium cyanide solution and alcohol desorption
  • under elevated temperature and pressure with caustic cyanide solution desorption;
  • high concentration of caustic sodium cyanide solution desorbed.

(5) Conventional electrowinning zinc replacement precipitate gold loaded carbon solution to get gold of 600g / m3 of high-grade expensive solution, or by electrowinning zinc replacement method to obtain powder, and sent to smelting to obtain gold bullion.
(6) Of activated carbon recycling desorbed first (nitrate) with dilute sulfuric acid to remove carbonate accumulations, after a few need to be returned to the network using a heat-activated carbon adsorption activity to recover in CIP gold extraction process.

To Wrap Up

CIP gold extraction process is mainly applied to sludge with high content of gold oxide ore, since “Stone mud high, solid-liquid separation difficulties, the existing filter can not make your solution and the effective separation of slag, and therefore the conventional cyanidation can not get a better technical and economic indicators proved that: CIP gold extraction process in the industry has made good achievements, and gold extraction process customized gold extraction equipment for the CIP gold extraction process, but also much of the current market pro-Lai.



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