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Why We Should Choose CNFREE Gold Leaching Reagent?

Why should we choose CNFREE gold leaching reagent? Is it better than cyanide? Yes, come and see why.

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sodium cyanide use in gold mining

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7 Q&A about Sodium Cyanide Use in Gold Mining

Sodium cyanide is a leaching agent use in gold mining plants. This article will take you to understand the 7 Q&A of sodium cyanide to help you better understand mining sodium cyanide.

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Eco-freindly Gold Stripping Powder’s Preparation Method and Gold Stripping Method Explained

This article introduces an eco-friendly gold stripping powder, which can replace cyanide to complete gold leaching. Not only is the leaching efficiency high and the production cost low, but more importantly, it can help the gold concentrators achieve the goal of creating a green mine. We will give a brief introduction to three aspects of how environment-friendly gold extracting agent came into being, how to prepare it and how to extract gold using the new gold leaching chemical.

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gold CIP plant

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Four Common Problems and Solutions of the CIP Process

Carbon in pulp(CIP)is one of the methods of gold extraction by cyanidation. It is the process of gold cyanide for carbon adsorption after the cyanide leaching of gold-containing materials is completed. In actual production, most CIP plants will encounter various problems, which not only affect the normal operation of gold beneficiation, also seriously damage the economic benefits of CIP plants. This article will take you to know the four common problems and the corresponding solutions of CIP process.

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Newly-built gold cyanide plant

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5 Intensified Cyanide Leaching Methods You Need to Know

Cyanide gold leaching is a process of extracting gold with cyanide as the leaching reagent, which is the most important gold extraction method because of its mature process, high recovery rate, low cost, etc.

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gold stripping chemicals

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Gold Stripping Chemicals Used for Gold Cyanidation You Need to Know!

Gold stripping chemicals refers to the agent used to separate gold in the above several gold cyanidation methods. At present, the commonly used gold stripping chemicals in the industry are cyanide gold stripping chemicals and non-cyanide gold stripping chemicals. This article will tell you the types of commonly used gold stripping chemicals, where to buy them and the gold stripping powder price.

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gold cyanide-free processing plant

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What are the Cyanide-Free Gold Recovery Methods?

Cyanide-free gold recovery method is the development trend of gold extraction technology. Many scholars in the world are still actively exploring cyanide-free gold recovery methods. This article will tell you 5 cyanide-free gold recovery methods. Click to know more.

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granular sodium cyanide

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Global Sodium Cyanide Market Analysis

This article will analyze the sodium cyanide market situation from the distribution of global sodium cyanide production capacity and the favorable and unfavorable factors affecting the sodium cyanide market.

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