Still Using Cyanide to Extract Gold? You Are Out!

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At present, most cyanidation gold extraction plants use cyanide as a gold extraction reagent. As is well known, cyanide is a kind of highly toxic hazardous chemical, so any misoperation in transportation, storage, use, and other links will cause the events of serious environmental pollution, malignant poisoning, etc.

Therefore, many countries and regions have legislated against or restricted the use of sodium cyanide to extract gold and strictly implemented relevant environmental protection regulations. Numerous environmental agencies, government agencies at all levels, gold mining companies, and people around the mines are trying to find an environmental gold dressing reagent that can replace cyanide in gold production.

Current Status of Gold Mine Production

According to the China Golden Yearbook 2014 released by the China Gold Association in September 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the yearbook), China’s proven resource reserves have grown for ten consecutive years in 2013, and the identified resource reserves are 8974.74 tons, ranking second in the world. The output of gold has increased for 14 consecutive years, ranking first in the world for 7 consecutive years. In 2013, the output exceeded 400 tons, reaching 428.16 tons-including 350.84 tons of mineral Gold included-which made China the only country in the world that have a production exceeding 400 tons in 2013, with a proportion of 15.9% in the world’s total output. In China, there exist more small and less large gold mines.

Small-scale gold mines account for 88%, medium gold mines 9.82%, while large gold mines only 2.18%. According to data disclosed by the listed gold mining companies in an industry association, more than 1 million tons of various gold extraction reagents were consumed per year on gold mine reagent companies’ comprehensive analysis, with the output value of about 15-30 billion RMB.

CNFREE-Eco-friendly Gold Leaching Reagent

YanTai ITAO MINERAL PROCESSING REAGENTS CO., LTD., based on the theory of gold and silver refining and market demand of gold ore, finally launched a new environmental gold extraction reagent-CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent after hundreds of tests. At present, this reagent has been widely used in various gold ore processing plants, and results show that its final effect is significantly higher than that of gold extraction with cyanide. Besides, the reagent is a common chemical product, while cyanide is a highly toxic product.

The fundamental reason why CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent can rapidly replace sodium cyanide and occupy the market share of gold reagent is that it has an absolute advantage over sodium cyanide in environmental protection, safety, investment cost, and use.

1. Good for the Environment

As an innovative product that replaces highly toxic sodium cyanide, CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent can eliminate the environmental pollution and harm of cyanide, benefiting the country, the people, and even mankind.

2. Good for the Safe Production and Management

Due to the strict approval and supervision procedures for the purchase, transportation, storage, custody and use of sodium cyanide, the management cost of the enterprise is increased; while CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent is environmentally low-toxic, which can be managed and used as common chemical products.

3. Easy to Operate and Promote

CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent can replace sodium cyanide without changing the original equipment and process in the actual production of a gold mine, thus making it convenient to popularize.

To Warp Up

The segment industry of eco-friendly gold extraction reagent is a blue ocean market with a broad development space. With the increasing market demand for eco-friendly gold extraction reagents, as well as the great support of the state’s policies and funds to small and medium-sized enterprises in science and technology, the company is faced with great development opportunities. In the future, YANTAI ITAO MINERAL PROCESSING REAGENTS CO., LTD. will be determined to become the world’s leading eco-friendly gold extraction reagent enterprise.

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