Advantages of CNFREE Eco-friendly Gold Leaching Reagent

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The advantages of CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent can be concluded to the following 4 points:

1. Conducive to environmental improvement.

The CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent is a kind of product of the latest design which can take the place of sodium cyanide. Used in mineral separation production of precious metals like gold and silver. It can eradicate the pollution and harm over the environment brought by sodium cyanide.

2. Conducive to safe production of mine enterprises and lowering management cost.

Due tot the fact that purchasing, transport, storage, safekeeping and use have to go through rigid formalities of examination, approval and supervision, safety risks and management cost of the enterprise will be increased. CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent, for its low toxicity and little pollution, can be used and managed as ordinary chemical products.

3. Easy to operate.

CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent undergoes the same technological process in spraying production of oxidized gold ore as that of using sodium cyanide.

4. Raise economic efficiency of mine enterprises.

CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent has the following advantages: short period of leaching, high leaching rate, high recycling rate, low toxicity, little environmental pollution, low cost, etc.


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